Metal items
Production possibilities Products Materials
Pour pressure up to 100 tons Belt buckles i.a.
Wire bending up to 6 mm thickness Leather Goods Accessories Zinc
Stamping up to 4 mm thickness Keychains Aluminum
Lathes up to 100 mm diameter Trolley Coins Iron
  Rivets + Snap buttons Stainless Steel
  Welded & unwelded Wire bending products  
  Container and Boxes  
  Thermo Cups  
  Special Articles  
Plastic articles
Production possibilities Products Materials
Injection molding up to 200 tons Suitcase handles and Case Accessories i.a.
90 extruder to extrude from 60-95 Shore Profiles PE
Deep drawing up to 15 mm thickness Tent Piping PU
Ultrasonic welding Tubes PVC
  Tentkeder POM
  Bottles PA6
  Container and Boxes PP
  Bottles and Cups Polysiloxanes
  Thermal Cup TPR
  Special Articles SAN
Article from materials or films
Production possibilities Products Materials
Sewing Soft luggage i.a.
Ultrasonic welding Backpacks Nylon
  Bags and Pencil Cases Polyester
  Bags Cotton / Canvas
  Transport Case Films from PP/ PE/ EVA
  Gift Boxes Paper
  Special Articles PE/ PP Non Woven
  Textiles Materials
  T Shirts/ Sweatshirts i.a.
  Jackets Mixed fabrics
  Caps functional fabric
  Lanyards Silk
  Blankets Polyester
  Ties and Scarves Fleecefabric
  Special Articles Cotton
More promotional and advertising items
Finishing options Products  
Imprinting Electronic Article / USB  
Embroidery Outdoor / Hobby  
Engraving Household / Bar items  
Lasering Others